Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Treat Hair With Natural Ingredients

Herbs are unique ingredients for natural hair treatments that can work to give you strong, healthy hair, treat dandruff, restore shine and help grow beautiful hair. Here is a list of herbs and their meanings that can help you make your own homemade products customized to your hair type or problems.

Some experts say that rosemary will help stimulate hair growth, fight dandruff and restore luster to your hair. To get healthy hair from the benefits this herb, you can cook rosemary in food or make rosemary water to use it as a rinse.

The horsetail herb is a great source of silica. Silica will strengthen your hair at its core and restore shine.

stimulates new hair growth, works against frizz, works as a natural conditioner

works against a dry scalp

promotes hair growth, increased shine and healthy body, combats hair loss, dandruff and itching. Overall, it makes for a healthy scalp.

Works great as a natural conditioner and for cosmetic purposes, it will will lighten blond hair over time.

Largely associated with preventing hair loss

Marigold Acts as moisturizer and can help you lighten your color to increase the shine.

Helps treat premature gray hair
Its doses of Iron and Vitamin C help keep hair healthy and strong
Works well a a natural coloring agent and also fights grays.
These are just a few of the many herbs you can use in your shampoo and conditioner recipes to create a cusomized natual home product for your hair.
Just because it is natural it does not make it safe for all people. 
Consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or pregnant  or nursing, or a prone to allerges. Always do a skin test if you are trying something new...have fun, be healthy and be safe.  

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