Monday, July 16, 2012

The Dangers of Parabens in Hair Products

I decided to create this blog to have a place to mark my progress after my big chop. I am loving my natural hair and I am enjoying finding new ways to care for it.

The main reason why I decided to go natural... after doing much research on the chemicals in most hair care products, I got scared and decided to go all natural...products included.

It is very important to research the ingredients in your shampoo's and conditioners. Many are not good for our hair and will cause more drying. Then there are dangerous chemicals like parabens that can cause all types of health problems including death with long term use.

Today, I  want to discuss the dangers of parabens. First I will define what parabens are then I will outline the dangers. It is important to check the labels of your cosmetics and hair products and avoid these chemical.


Parabens is a  man-made preservative which extends the shelf life of  cosmetics and personal care product. Check your products for these common parabens...Common parabens include methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben.If you are concerned about your health and living a long healthy life discontinue using any products with these chemicals listed in the ingredients.

Medical research have found that parabens can cause health concerns which includes...breast cancer, premature aging,
and male reproductive effects.

What We Can Do

Since all commercial products needs to be preserved to extend its life shelf. I decided to start making my own homemade products. You can preserve your homemade products through refrigeration or by using a natural preservatives like active level of citrus essential oils such as lemon and orange, which are natural preservatives. There are also other non-toxic preservatives that also can be used to preserve your homemade products. Do your research...knowledge is power.

Closing Notes

 Making the decision to make your own products is a personal choice. I made it because I have always been a health conscious person. Maybe I have a little touch of OCD :)...Plus I like the effects natural products have on my hair. I am hoping that this short article will help all that read this do a little research and check your labels and then maybe make the decision to start using natural products on your heads. Everything that we absorbs through our skins effects our insides. Our scalps absorbs these chemicals therefore effects our bodies. I read somewhere before that if you cannot consume the ingredients you put in your head through your mouth you should not put it in your head. I understand this is hard to do because we have become so accustom to using commercial products but we can always start off by just purchasing products which do not use these chemicals. I intend to be a little heavy handed with my thoughts so I will end now. I would love to hear your reactions, suggestions, questions and comments on this subject. Thanks for reading

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